Moving to Van Cortlandt Village – Real Estate Info

Moving to Van Cortlandt Village – Real Estate Info

The Van Cortlandt Jewish Center is located in the Van Cortlandt Village neighborhood of the NW Bronx,  which has many moderate priced options to offer prospective new neighbors and members.  (Depending on what source you look at the neighborhood may also be called Kingsbridge, Kingsbridge Heights, or Jerome Park.) We have gathered information about them using some of the resources available on the web and present them here.  We plan to update the information regularly.  If you are interested in a comfortable, transportation accessible, friendly neighborhood to live in, please check us out!  Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have questions or would like an informal tour.

The following information was gathered in early July 2017.  We cannot guarantee its accuracy, but have been careful to accurately report what we found and where we found it. 

Neighborhood Walkability – Walking Score from
The walk score for our area is 89 out of 100, which is “very walkable”.  The site also has information about apartments.  See the image.

Apartment and Home information from

Broad Area Search with Multiple types of Dwellings  This link will bring up a map that includes our area and quite a bit more.  It does show some housing in our area.  You can filter for houses, condos, duplex, townhouse, or apartments.  You can also see how much more affordable Van Cortlandt Village is!

Apartment information from
Nearby Apartments This is a fairly narrow search, with 8 rentals available, ranging from $1300-1600/mo.
Almost Nearby Apartments  This is a slightly wider search, with 21 rentals available, ranging from $1300-2500/mo.

Apartment information from
Slightly Broad Area (This site is not compatible with IE.) Our local area with a little extra to the S and W.  There are 7 listings @ $1350-1900/mo.

Apartment information from 
Broad Area This link will bring up a fairly large area. It’s not a drawn area. You can zoom to our local area.  There are 3 listings at $1325-1600/mo in our immediate area.

Home information from

Nearby Homes  This is a fairly small area with 41 homes for sale, starting at $125K.
Almost Nearby Homes  This is a slightly wider search area, with 68 homes for sale, but not all prices revealed.  Some are pre-foreclosure. It shows a range of $115K to $4.2M (3 property lot).

Housing and Neighborhood information from
Median Pricing Information (Note that the map on this page does not display in IE.)  A sample map is presented below.  Median prices are much lower in Van Cortlandt Village than areas to the west.

Trulia also shows a crime map with our neighborhood showing the lowest level.  See image below.

Here are three types of listing from Trulia
Nearby Apartments and Houses for Sale from 
This is a fairly good approximate zoom to our area.  It shows approximately 11 properties shown for sale at $90K-630K.
Nearby Apartments for Rent from
This is a fairly good approximate zoom to our area.   Approximately 14 properties shown for rent at $600-2450/mo.
Nearby Recently Sold Homes from
Range from $485K-600K.