Religious Services

Religious Services

Schedule of Services for this Week

See the Events Calendar or see News from VCJC . Information on service times and candle lighting is in the sidebar as well.

Daily and Holiday Services

They say two is company and three is a crowd, but did you know that ten is a minyan? We are proud to say that we offer daily morning services, both weekday and Shabbas. Evening services some evenings; please call 718-884-6105 before 2 (1pm on Fridays) to check if there are evening services that day.

On weekdays, services are held in our Daily Chapel located on the ground floor. Sabbath and Holiday services are held in the beautiful Main Sanctuary on the first floor (see Schedule of Services). A Shabbos elevator is available on Saturday and holidays. We invite you to join us in our “heimish” (homelike) environment either as a new member (see Membership Application and Schedule of Dues and Fees), or as an attendee at our services and other functions. We are a part of the worldwide orthodox minyan database Go Daven!. Either way, the VCJC family welcomes you!