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General Fund
All contributions to the synagogue are deposited in the General Fund unless otherwise specified. The General Fund is used to cover all the regular day to day expenses of running the synagogue.
Charity Fund
Contributions to the Charity Fund come mainly from the tzedakah placed in the "pushka" (charity box) by our daily minyan, but other directed contributions are welcome. The Charity committee meets regularly to distribute a portion of the deposits in this Fund to various charitable organizations.
Benevolent Fund
The Benevolent Fund is to help people in the community who are in temporary need of minor financial assistance. A small committee of three individuals evaluates applications and distributes funds as appropriate.

Trees for Israel - $15
JNF sells Trees for Israel for $18 for one tree.

Tree of Life Leaves - $250
Occasion Cards - $5
Occasion cards acknowledging your donation to the synagogue will be sent at your request. Cards are: "In Honor of", "In Memory of", and "For the Return to Good Health of".