Van Cortlandt Jewish Center Dedicates it's new building on Sedgwick Ave - September 19, 1965.

They took the torahs out of the building on Gouverneur Avenue and marched around the neighborhood with them in a full community parade

Do you recognize anyone? How about Bess Myerson, in the red dress? Mayor Lindsay? Toward the end, is his mom, Mickey Axelbank and other Axelbank relatives taking a tour of the beautiful wood-paneled sanctuary for the first time... on the synagogue's very first day.

There's also a nice pan of the stained glass panels which came from the Israel Pavilion of the just-closed World's Fair, which are now in the lobby of the Stevenson place entrance.

September 19, 2015 will be the 50th anniversary of the Van Cortlandt Jewish Center Building. Do you have any memories to help us to celebrate this great occasion? Let us know.

I'd like to thank Gary and Jeffery Axelbank for this video taken by their father, September 19, 1965. Jeff digitized it and Gary posted on You Tube.
Do not forget that 8mm movies did not have sound.